Monday, 11 April 2016

7 Months Later

Who knew so much could happen in 7 months?! I probably have a bit to fill you in on...

Firstly, I stopped blogging, which I kind of regret. I loved doing it when I blogged all of the time and now and again I do think about it and wonder if I could ever have as much commitment that I previously had to my blog. Here's me trying again. I feel like I haven't got much to write about anymore because I don't have the money to keep buying new makeup etc, I don't do fashion posts because that just isn't me.. you get where I'm going. But, I'm back (hopefully, anyway). I just don't know whether to start a completely new blog or change the blog name etc. - any advice?

From my last post you can probably tell that I've moved to Nottingham and started university. Which should be the best thing ever but, to be honest, it really isn't. I might do another blog post all about my uni situation another time (probably tonight because it's on my mind) - long story and hard to explain. Let's just say it isn't for me.

Another thing is that I've been diagnosed with depression since being at uni and I've had it for 4 months now. I really contemplated not sharing that because not many people that I know in person know about it. I don't like to label it depression (even though it is) because if I do I feel as if it will become a bigger thing than it actually is. It isn't part of me, it's just something I have that will go away. After thinking about it, I thought why not share it, I might be able to help someone else out by talking about it :-)

Also, I got engaged! Crazy, yes, but once you know, you know. I'm so happy with the relationship I'm in and cannot wait for the future.

I'm not going to blab too much in this post considering it's my first one for seven months, so I'll leave it here :-) x

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